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Volumon Laser Massage Comb for Scalp Massage & Hair Growth



Volumon Laser Massage Comb for Scalp Massage & Hair Growth

The Volumon laser infrared vibrating massager hair comb stimulates regrowth of hair for men and women. The massage and laser functions strengthen hair cells to improve and thicken existing hair for optimum results. Each laser comb helps to circulate blood cells to the scalp to rejuvenate skin and hair cells which also reduces dandruff. The vibrating function further promotes blood circulation which makes hair healthier and stronger.


Laser Technology.

Hair Growth.

Hair Regrowth.

Scalp Massage.

Improved Blood Flow.


Thicken Hair.

Future Benefits:

Detailed Benefits.

Laser Infrared Vibrating Massager Hair Comb Stimulates Regrowth Of Hair For Men And Women

Professionally Strengthen Hair Cells To Improve And Thicken Existing Hair

The Laser Comb Circulates The Blood Cells To Rejuvenate Skin And Hair Cells Which Reduces Dandruff

Vibrating Function Promotes Blood Circulation Which Makes Hair Healthier And Stronger.

This Device is powered by 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included). Full Instructions For Use Included Inside.

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